Rubio Invisible Protector

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Invisible Protector is a wood protection product that is designed to maintain the natural appearance of wood while providing durable and invisible protection.

100% Invisible Protection: This product provides complete invisible protection for wood surfaces. This means that when applied, it doesn’t alter the natural appearance of the wood, allowing its beauty to shine through.

Non-Yellowing: The product is non-yellowing, which means it won’t cause the wood to develop a yellow or discolored tint over time. This is important for maintaining the wood’s original color and aesthetics.

Plant-Based Resin: It is based on a plant-based resin. This indicates that the product utilizes environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, which is a significant advantage for those who prioritize eco-friendly options.

Suitable for Dark Wood Types: This protection can be applied to dark wood types without negatively affecting their natural look and feel. Preserving the appearance of dark wood is particularly important as it often has unique and desirable characteristics.

Durable Protection: The product offers durable protection for wood surfaces, helping to shield them from various forms of damage and wear over time.

Water-Based: Being water-based means that this product is not solvent-based, which can be advantageous for safety, environmental, and indoor air quality reasons.

Single Component: It is a one-component product, which simplifies the application process. Users won’t need to mix multiple components before use.

Mar and Scratch-Resistant: The protection provides resistance to marring (surface damage) and scratching, which helps maintain the wood’s appearance and integrity.

Easy Application: This product is designed for easy application, making it suitable for both brushed and sanded wood surfaces. Easy application can save time and effort during projects.


Step 1: Surface Preparation

  1. Sand the wood surface to achieve the desired smoothness using sandpaper with a grit of 120.
  2. Ensure the surface is free of any scratches.
  3. Thoroughly remove sanding dust from the surface using a vacuum cleaner.
  4. It’s recommended to apply the product immediately after sanding to prevent wood oxidation.

Step 2: Prepare Rubio Invisible Protector

  1. Allow Rubio Invisible Protector to stabilize to room temperature, ideally between 18 and 25°C.
  2. Ensure that the humidity in the application area does not exceed 70%.
  3. Shake the Rubio Invisible Protector jerrycan thoroughly until any settlement has disappeared.

Step 3: Apply the First Layer

  1. Apply the first layer of Rubio Invisible Protector using a Rubio White Roller.
  2. The recommended consumption for this layer is approximately 80 grams per square meter (g/m²).
  3. Allow this first layer to dry for 3-4 hours.

Step 4: Apply the Second Layer

  1. Apply the second layer of Rubio Invisible Protector onto the surface using the same Rubio White Roller
  2. This layer should be applied undiluted with a consumption of approximately 75 g/m².
  3. Allow this second layer to dry for 16 to 24 hours, which is typically overnight.

Step 5: Intermediate Sanding and Final Coat

  1. After the second layer has dried, it is recommended to perform intermediate sanding.
  2. Use sandpaper with a grit of 220/240 for this sanding step.
  3. Thoroughly remove the sanding dust from the surface.
  4. Apply the final coat of Rubio Invisible Protector with a consumption of approximately 75 g/m², following the same procedure as in step 4.
  5. Allow the final coat to dry for 16 to 24 hours, again typically overnight.

Following these steps should result in a properly protected and finished wood surface using Rubio Invisible Protector. Be sure to follow the recommended drying times and sanding steps for the best results.

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