Fiddes Water Concentrates

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Fiddes Light Fast Water Concentrates are highly concentrated water-based additives designed to mix with Fiddes Light Fast Water Stains. These concentrates offer exceptional strength and provide great flexibility for color matching. Only a very small percentage of the concentrate is needed to alter the tone or shade of the stain.

When using Fiddes Light Fast Water Concentrates, you have the ability to achieve precise color adjustments and customize the stain according to your preferences. These concentrates are formulated to be compatible with Fiddes Light Fast Water Stains, allowing you to create a wide range of color variations and achieve the desired effect on your wood surfaces.

To use the concentrates, simply mix a small amount of the concentrate with the Light Fast Water Stain, following the recommended proportions. Start with a small percentage and gradually increase if further adjustment is required. Always test the mixture on a similar substrate to ensure the desired color result before applying it to your project.

The Light Fast Water Concentrates offer versatility and control when it comes to color matching, allowing you to achieve the perfect tone or shade for your specific needs.

  • Dry Time: The Fiddes Light Fast Water Stains have a dry time of approximately 60 minutes at room temperature.
  • Coverage: The coverage is approximately 16 square meters per liter, depending on the substrate and the method of application.
  • Coats: One coat is recommended, and further coats can be applied to deepen the color or shade.
  • Thinners: Water is used as a thinning agent for the stains.
  • Recommended for Use On: The Fiddes Light Fast Water Stains are suitable for use on fine furniture, doors, floors, cabinet work, and paneling.
  • Colours: The stains are available in a range of colors including red, blue, orange, yellow, black, green, and brown.
  • Preparation: Prior to applying the stains, it is important to sand the wooden substrate in stages using medium sandpaper (120 grit) and progressing to a medium/fine grade (180-220 grit). Sand in the direction of the grain pattern to remove blemishes and glue residue. Ensure all sanding dust is removed and test the chosen Fiddes Wood Dye on a similar substrate to verify the desired color or shade.
  • Application: Apply the stain using a clean, lint-free cotton cloth or sponge, following the direction of the wood grain. Remove any excess stain immediately with a separate absorbent cloth, again following the grain pattern. Apply even pressure to achieve a uniform color by blending the stain over the entire surface area. Allow the stain to dry, and do not sand between coats.

Following these guidelines will help you achieve a consistent and desired result when using Fiddes Light Fast Water Stains.

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