Polyvine Metallic Shimmer

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Polyvine Metallic Shimmer is a versatile paint that offers a luminous pearlised finish, adding a touch of elegance to your projects. This paint dries to a polished lustre, giving surfaces a unique and attractive appearance. You also have the option to enhance its versatility by adding acrylic colourant to achieve pastel pearlescent colors.

Polyvine’s Metallic Shimmer offers a creative approach to enhancing surfaces with a shimmering pearlised finish. Whether you’re working on interior walls, decorative frames, or other ornate surfaces, this paint allows you to experiment with color and texture to achieve eye-catching results. Its compatibility with acrylic colourant provides an additional dimension of customization, making it a valuable tool for artists, decorators, and crafters looking to add a touch of elegance to their projects.


  • The Metallic Shimmer paint creates a luminous pearlised effect on surfaces, adding a captivating shimmer that enhances their visual appeal.
  • When applied straight from the tin, the paint provides a pearlised finish that dries to a polished lustre. Alternatively, you can add acrylic colourant to achieve a pastel-colored finish, expanding the range of creative possibilities.
  • The unique formulation of this paint allows you to combine pearlescent pigments and traditional color pigments, enabling you to create a wide variety of non-tarnishing shimmering colors.
  • You can mix the Metallic Shimmer paint with Polyvine Acrylic Colourant to create an extensive array of pastel pearlescent colors, giving you the freedom to experiment and customize your projects.
  •  This paint is recommended for use on interior surfaces, including walls, ornate plasterwork, picture frames, and mirror frames. It’s versatile enough to be used on a range of decorative and artistic projects.
  • Depending on environmental conditions, the paint typically dries in up to 2 hours, allowing you to progress with your project in a reasonable timeframe.
  • After the initial application, a second coat can be applied after approximately 4 hours.
  • With an estimated coverage of 10 square meters per liter, this paint provides good coverage for your projects.



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