Polyvine Hickson Decor Woodstain

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*Condition of surface and application can vary coverage

Looking for a comprehensive exterior finish solution that outperforms traditional paint, varnish, or polyurethane? Introducing Hickson Decor Wood Stain – a specially crafted single-can formula designed to streamline your finishing process. This innovative stain eliminates the need for a separate primer or undercoat, saving you time and effort.

Experience Low-Maintenance Longevity: Our Wood Stain is engineered to deliver enduring protection with minimal upkeep. The semi-gloss translucent finish not only safeguards but also elevates the innate beauty of wood.

Versatile Application: Suitable for an array of applications, including window frames, doors, cladding, fascias, and both internal and external woodwork.

Efficient Drying and Recoating: Achieve quicker results with a touch-dry time of 3-5 hours. For optimal results, allow 24 hours between coats.

High Coverage, Excellent Value: Enjoy an impressive coverage range of 11-18 square metres per litre, contingent on the substrate. This ensures you get more mileage out of every can.

Elevate your exterior finishing game with Hickson Decor Wood Stain – the ultimate choice for superior protection and enhanced wood aesthetics.


New timber should be well sanded, clean, non-oily and thoroughly dry. Brush apply evenly, 3 coats for exterior application or interior work, leaving 24 hours between coats. Joinery supplied with a basecoat apply 2 brush coats leaving 24 hours between coats. Previously stained wood should be clean. Lightly sand and apply 2 coats as required, leaving 24 hours between coats. Old paint or varnish – strip back to bare wood, sand, clean and apply 3 coats leaving 24 hours between coats. Stir thoroughly before and during use.

A test application is recommended.

Remove dust and dirt by washing. remove loose material with a stiff brush. Mould and algae growth should be removed with a suitable fungicide. Recoat every 3-8 years as required. Clean brushes and spillages with white spirit. Remove as much paint as possible from brush before washing. Some Local Authorities have special facilities for disposing of waste coatings. Do no empty paint into drains and watercourse. Do not use white spirit on skin. A proprietary hand cleaner should be used.

Protect from extremes of temperature during storage and application.


Recommended For Use On- window frames, Doors, Cladding, Fascias, all internal and external woodwork.

Drying Time- Touch dry 3-5 hours

Recoat Time- Allow 24 hours between coats

Coverage- 11-18 square metres per litre, depending on substrate

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