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Bona Natural Primer is a waterborne primer specially formulated for untreated wood floors, aiming to create a natural, untreated wood look.

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  • Light, untreated wood look: The primer is designed to enhance the natural appearance of untreated wood, providing a light and authentic look to the floors.
  • Easy roller application: The primer is formulated for easy application using a roller, ensuring a smooth and even coverage on the wood surface.
  • GREENGUARD certified: The primer is certified by GREENGUARD, indicating that it meets strict standards for low indoor air emissions, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

To achieve the desired appearance, Bona Natural Primer can be applied in one or two coats, depending on the desired intensity. It is recommended to combine the primer with compatible Bona top coats such as Traffic HD Raw, Traffic HD Extra Matt, or Bona Mega ONE Extra Matt to enhance the untreated wood look and provide a protective and durable finish.

By using Bona Natural Primer, you can enhance the beauty of your untreated wood floors, creating a light and natural look that preserves the character of the wood. Its easy application and low indoor air emissions make it a reliable choice for achieving an authentic and environmentally friendly flooring solution.

1. Shake the container well before use and insert the supplied filter. Before use Bona Natural must be filtered through a fine external strainer so as to minimize the potential for undispersed
lumps / particles being applied to the floor. Pour the finish into a clean dry container.

2. Apply Bona Natural evenly, finishing with the grain, using a Bona Roller (microfiber/fleece) or Tbar applicator at approx. 1012 m²/lit and avoid accumulations of product.

3. Allow to dry, approx. 23 hours.

4. If applying two coats of Bona Natural, then it is recommended to sand between coats of primer. If applying only a single coat of Bona Natural, sand after the first layer of topcoat. Abrade
gently using the Bona Scrad System and Wing grit 150 or finer. Diamond Abrasives grit 120 are also suitable.

5. Remove dust and complete the treatment as per above described treatment schedule

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