Rubio Monocoat Measuring Cups

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Rubio Monocoat measuring cups are the perfect companion for effortlessly mixing our key products with accelerators or softeners. Designed with specific ratio lines, these cups make the mixing process a breeze.

The useful measuring lines ensure accurate proportions, allowing you to achieve the ideal consistency for your mixture. These cups are particularly well-suited for use with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C, ensuring optimal performance and desired results.

Whether you’re working on smaller or larger projects, our measuring cups are extremely suitable. They provide the convenience and precision required for mixing larger quantities, ensuring consistent and efficient application.

Simplify the mixing process, achieve perfect ratios, and tackle your projects with ease using our specialized measuring cups. Experience the difference they make in achieving exceptional results with our range of products.

From 200 ml to 1,800 ml

  • Per 100 ml, the number is indicated by a larger line and the number itself
  • Between each 100 ml there are 4 smaller lines so that you can divide per 20 ml

We have a separate size table for the Oil Plus 2C

  • The table automatically gives a 3:1 ratio for Oil Plus 2C component A and component B respectively
  • The quantity for the A component is indicated in bold and the quantity for the B component is indicated in dotted line
  • The table shows the following quantities for the A component:
      • 375 ml
      • 525 ml
      • 675 ml
      • 825 ml
      • 975 ml
  • The table shows the following quantities for the addition with the B-component:
      • 500 ml
      • 700 ml
      • 900 ml
      • 1,100 ml
      • 1,300 ml
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