Rubio Monocoat Pouring Spout


The pouring spout ensures precise pouring of Rubio Monocoat oils, minimizing spills and preventing oil stains on your containers. This allows for effortless sealing and reopening of the container without any sticky residue. Additionally, the spouts are designed for re-usability!

The spout is compatible with the following can sizes:

  • Oil Plus 2C – 1.3 l.
  • Oil Plus 2C – 3.5 l.
  • WoodCream – 1 l.
  • WoodCream – 2.5l.
  • Hybrid Wood Protector – 2.5 l.
  • Oil Plus 2C – 350 ml (when the spout is cut in half)
  • Invisible Oil – 1l.
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