Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish

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Discover the supreme choice in enhancing the longevity and beauty of your interior and exterior surfaces with our revolutionary Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish. Crafted to excel in both indoor and outdoor settings, this varnish offers an unparalleled ultra-durable waterproof finish fortified with exceptional UV protection.

Unleash the power of our Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish to safeguard your surfaces with an industrial-grade level of perfection. Defying the elements, this varnish provides the ultimate shield for your interior and exterior surfaces.

Benefit from advanced UV-blocking and absorption properties that effectively combat the effects of greying, aging, and deterioration, ensuring your surfaces remain vibrant and fresh over time. Our varnish also incorporates potent biocides that stand guard against the emergence of mildew, mold, and fungus, maintaining the pristine condition of your surfaces.

Experience the choice between satin and dead flat finishes, granting you creative control over the final appearance of your surfaces. For comprehensive UV protection, we recommend applying three coats of satin followed by a final coat of dead flat.

Elevate your protection game with our remarkable Heavy Duty varnish range, setting new benchmarks as the most advanced single-pack solution ever formulated.

Recommended For Use On- Wood, Marine, Worktops, Doors, Furniture, Concrete paving, Unglazed tiles, Slate, Brick

Drying Time- 30-60 minutes

Recoat Time- 1-2 hours

Curing Time- Allow 48 hours before heavy use

Coverage- 10-20 square metres per litre

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