Fiddes Decking Oil

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The Decking Oil is a solvent-based, water-repellent product designed to deeply penetrate smooth, planed, rough sawn decking, and exterior timber.


It is formulated to preserve, protect, and restore the wood. By using this oil, you can prevent splitting and surface growth of algae. Additionally, it provides high resistance to wear and water penetration, while exhibiting excellent beading properties.

The Decking Oil is available in a range of Clear and 3 natural color shades, all of which contain UV filters to resist color fade over time.

This product is ideal for use on all pressure-treated or preservative-treated hardwood or softwood decking, panelling, sheds, and fencing. It effectively enhances the appearance and longevity of these surfaces.


  • Ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from any previous finish.
  • Remove any fungal growth, dirt, or moss from old wood prior to application.
  • Sand the substrate using a medium-grade sanding paper (120 grade), ensuring all dust is removed.


  • Apply the product in dry conditions.
  • Always test on a small area before the initial application to check the color shade. For new timber, thoroughly coat to seal, ideally before installation.

First Coat:

  • Thoroughly stir the contents before and during use.
  • Apply the product consistently using a good quality bristle or synthetic brush. Apply it evenly, following the direction of the grain.
  • Leave it to dry for 6-12 hours.

Second Coat:

  • Lightly sand if necessary and apply the second coat following the same instructions as the first coat.
  • Longer drying periods may occur during application in cold, damp, or humid conditions.


Approximately 8 square meters per liter can be covered with a single application, depending on the density of the substrate.

Available Tints:

The product is available in Clear, Harvest Brown, Chestnut, and Natural Oak tints.

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