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Rubio Monocoat White Wiping Rag – 1kg


Recycled wiping rags are the ideal choice for removing excess oil after application. Made from recycled clothing, these rags offer both practicality and environmental sustainability.

Effortlessly enhance your wood finishing process with Rubio Monocoat White Wiping Rag – 1kg, crafted from recycled materials. Elevate your project’s aesthetic with a clean finish, as these wiping rags are expertly designed to efficiently remove any surplus oil. The recycled material not only ensures durability but also enhances absorbency, making them exceptionally effective for the task at hand.

Opt for Rubio Monocoat Recycled White Wiping Rag – 1kg, not just for their superior performance, but also as an eco-friendly solution to your oil removal needs. By choosing these wiping rags, you embrace sustainable practices, contributing to a greener environment while achieving outstanding results on your woodworking projects. Make a conscious choice for quality and sustainability with Rubio Monocoat Recycled Wiping Rags, ensuring both the longevity of your wood finishes and a positive impact on the planet.

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