bona tampico brush

Bona Tampico Brush


Dimension: Ø 407 mm / 16″

The Bona Tampico brush is a soft-bristle brushing attachment designed for the Bona Flexisand. It offers several key benefits that contribute to optimal wood surface preparation and finishing.

  • Removal of fine dust: After sanding or screening the wood, fine dust particles may remain in the grain. The Tampico brush effectively removes this fine dust, ensuring a cleaner wood surface before staining or sealing. This step is crucial for achieving a smooth and flawless finish.
  • Reduction of grain raise: When wood comes into contact with water or finishes, the grain can sometimes raise, resulting in a rough texture. The Tampico brush helps to minimize grain raise, ensuring a smoother and more even surface for subsequent treatments. This is particularly important when staining or applying sealants.

The 407 mm Tampico brush is specifically designed as a soft-bristle brushing attachment for the Bona Flexisand. Its purpose is to thoroughly clean the wood grain after the final sanding or screening process, creating optimal conditions for staining or sealing.

The movement of the tampico bristles across the wood surface also helps to lift statically bonded dust, further enhancing the cleaning process. Moreover, the Tampico brush can be used effectively after wire brushing to achieve a cleaner and more textured appearance.

For a dust-free experience, it is recommended to connect the Bona Flexisand machine to a Bona DCS 70 or DCS 50. These dust containment systems ensure efficient dust extraction during the sanding and brushing processes, maintaining a clean working environment.

In summary, the Tampico brush is a valuable attachment for the Bona Flexisand, providing benefits such as fine dust removal, reduction of grain raise, and improved surface cleanliness. By incorporating the Tampico brush into your wood surface preparation routine, you can achieve optimal conditions for staining, sealing, and achieving the desired finish.


Technical data:

Material: Drive plate – heavy-duty plastic; Bristles – 26 mm soft tampico bristles
Diameter: 407 mm
Compatibility: Bona Flexisand (1.1, 1.5, 1.9)


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