Rubio Monocoat Deep Cleaner

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Deep Cleaner is a powerful and effective solution designed to tackle stubborn dirt and grime on wooden surfaces. Whether you’re dealing with a greasy film from excessive soap usage or yellowed white floors, Deep Cleaner is here to restore the original brilliance of your wood.

Experience the transformative power of Deep Cleaner and say goodbye to stubborn dirt and grime on your wooden surfaces. Whether you’re rejuvenating your floors or simply want to restore their original brilliance, Deep Cleaner is the ideal choice for a revitalised and clean result. Don’t let dirt and soap residue dull the beauty of your wood – let Deep Cleaner bring back the luster you desire.

  • Intense Cleaning Power: Deep Cleaner is specially formulated to penetrate deep into the wood, removing tough dirt and grime that has accumulated over time.
  • Restores White Floors: If your white floors have become yellowed or lost their brightness, Deep Cleaner is the perfect solution. It effectively removes the greasy film left behind by soap, revealing the true beauty of your white floors.
  • Versatile Usage: Deep Cleaner can be used regardless of your re-oiling plans. Whether you’re planning to re-oil your floor or prefer to skip that step, Deep Cleaner delivers exceptional cleaning results.

Benefits of Using Deep Cleaner:

Without Re-oiling:

  • Removes greasy film caused by excessive soap usage.
  • Opens wood pores and eliminates accumulated dirt embedded in the wood grain.
  • White floors will regain their brightness and appear less yellow. Please note that Deep Cleaner does not reduce the oxidation of UV-affected wood.

Before Re-oiling:

  • Removes traces of excessive soap and dirt, improving the quality of the re-oiling layer.
  • Allows for easy re-oiling without the need for resanding.
  • Enhances the penetration of the new oil layer into the open wood pores, ensuring a perfect finish.


STEP 1. Clean the surface by using a damp mop / sponge (water only).

STEP 2. Wipe out the diluted Deep Cleaner (max. 5% Deep Cleaner to 95% water) evenly on the surface by using a mop/sponge.

STEP 3. Scrub the treated area with a nylon scrubbing brush or Microfibre Pad in the lengthwise direction of the wood until the surface is clean. This will cause the product to foam. For stubborn stains, repeat the treatment.

STEP 4. Remove the dissolved dirt with a mop / damp cloth and clear water until the surface looks clean.

STEP 5. Allow the surface to dry well (± 30 minutes at a temperature of 20°C and in a well-ventilated room).

STEP 6. In case the surface needs a reoiling (when the surface feels rough or the colour looks faded), the surface should be treated with the original Oil Plus 2C colour.

Tips & Tricks

  • The scrubbing process can be replaced with a scrubbing machine using a beige pad or preferential a scrubbing brush since this will go deeper into the wood pores. This procedure is suited if you already decided to go for a re-oiling. We don’t recommend following this method when no new oil will be applied.
  • Using a machine with cylindrical brushes (type scrubber dryer) will be the most beneficial since this machine will follow the direction of the wood fibres and easily remove dirt and rinsing water.
  • Work in small zones to make sure the surface doesn’t stay too wet for too long.
  • When using Deep Cleaner, pay attention to adjacent floors or other material.
  • Can also be used as a preparatory product for oily woods (tropical hardwoods), such as teak, iroko, kambala, wenge, eucalyptus, merbau, afzelia, afrormosia, etc. These surfaces should be finished with Oil Plus 2C.

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