Rubio Monocoat Buffer Pad Red 16″ (5 PACK)


The perfect solution for applying Rubio Monocoat oils to your wood surfaces. These pads are designed to provide efficient and effective application.

Achieve a flawless finish with our red application pads. Their non-abrasive nature and controlled oil absorption help minimize waste while ensuring an even and professional application of Rubio Monocoat oils. Experience the convenience and efficiency of using these pads for your wood finishing projects.

  • Synthetic Fibres: The red application pads are made with synthetic fibres, which are less absorbent than a rag. This reduces waste and allows for better control of the oil during application.
  • Non-Abrasive: The pads are non-abrasive, ensuring that your finish remains smooth and free from scratches or marks.
  • Optimal Aggressiveness: The red pad offers a moderate level of aggressiveness, making it suitable for a variety of applications. It provides a slightly more thorough application compared to the white pad.
  • Size: The red application pads come in a convenient size of 16 inches, allowing for easy handling and coverage of larger surfaces.
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