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Introducing the remarkable RMC FR Oil System, a fire-retardant finishing oil that sets a new standard in fire safety for wood surfaces. This one-of-a-kind system has achieved the prestigious Bfl-S1 certification on Oak (5mm top layer), making it the world’s first flame-retardant oil system to attain this level of performance. Additionally, the RMC FR Oil System has obtained a Cfl-S1 certificate with a 2.5mm oak top layer, further validating its exceptional fire-retardant capabilities.

The RMC FR Oil System combines a pre-treatment with the fire-retardant RMC FR Base and a finish with RMC FR Oil 2C, ensuring optimal fire protection for your wood surfaces.

  • No build-up of layers or saturation: The system does not create a thick layer on the wood surface, maintaining its natural look and feel.
  • Solvent-free and 0% VOC: The system is environmentally friendly and safe for use in interior spaces.
  • Low consumption and optimal performance: The system offers efficient coverage, minimizing product usage while delivering outstanding fire-retardant properties.
  • Available in all standard interior RMC colors: Choose from a wide range of colors to match your design preferences.
  • Suitable for manual and industrial application: The system is versatile and can be applied using various methods.
  • Recommended for project markets: The system is a reliable choice for projects that require fire-retardant treatments.

What makes the RMC FR Oil System truly unique?

  1. No salts: Unlike many other flame retardant systems, the RMC FR Oil System is free from salts. This enhances the system’s durability and effectiveness in fire protection.
  2. Oil-based formulation: Built on our renowned molecular binding technology, the RMC FR Oil forms a molecular bond with the wood’s surface microns, providing long-lasting protection without the need for excessive layering.
  3. Limited smoke development: Our system’s formulation focuses on reducing smoke development, a critical factor in fire situations. With an S1 classification for smoke formation, the RMC FR Oil System contributes to improved safety by minimizing smoke production.

Choose the RMC FR Oil System for unmatched fire-retardant capabilities that prioritize safety without compromising the natural beauty of your wood surfaces. Experience the benefits of this innovative solution and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your wood is protected by cutting-edge technology.

Rubio Monocoat FR Base

STEP 1. Sand the surface and eliminate dust.

STEP 2. Apply Rubio Monocoat FR Base with a brush or roller. Then polish with a polishing machine with a white pad (polishing rag). Handle zones from 5 to 10 m2 at a time.

STEP 3. Allow the surface to dry. The drying time is approximately 12 hours at room temperature (depending on ventilation and humidity).

Rubio Monocoat FR Oil

STEP 4. Apply Rubio Monocoat FR Oil with a cotton cloth, a brush (either manually or with a polish machine) or a squeegee (rubber bladed broom) with fleece. Always end the treatment in the direction of the wood. Handle zones from 5 to 10 m2 at a time.

STEP 5. Allow the product to react for a couple of minutes.

STEP 6. Remove the surplus product manually within 15 minutes, either with a cloth or with a polishing machine with a white pad (polishing rag).

STEP 7. The floor can be walked on after 24 – 36 hours.

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