Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish

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Experience the Best of Both Worlds: The Luxurious Touch of Wax, the Strength of Varnish

Discover the exceptional blend of classic elegance and modern durability with Polyvine’s Wax Finish Varnish – a one-of-a-kind, brush-on protective solution for achieving a high-performance satin or non-reflective finish.

Elevate the protection of your furniture and interior wooden surfaces with the innovative Wax Finish Varnish by Polyvine. Combining the velvety smoothness of wax with the robustness of varnish, this unique formula offers the best of both worlds. Embrace the nostalgia of impeccably maintained furniture while ensuring your pieces are safeguarded for the long haul.

Capture the essence of timelessness with our Wax Finish Varnish. Retaining the natural allure of wood, this varnish is a tribute to the traditional craft of furniture preservation. Feel the connection to history as you enhance your surroundings.

Choose from our selection of finishes to match your vision. Opt for the satin option to imbue your surfaces with depth and a gentle sheen. Alternatively, go for the dead flat finish, ensuring a completely matte, non-reflective surface that’s all about subtlety.

Unveil the magic of our colored satin option, which breathes new life into wood with understated, harmonious hues. Transform this colored satin into a captivating matte finish with just a single layer of our clear dead flat varnish.

Polyvine’s Wax Finish Varnish – where the tactile beauty of wax meets the resilience of varnish, culminating in a finish that transcends time and trends.

Preparation- All surfaces must be clean and free from dust, dirt, oil and contamination.

Application- Ensure the product is well mixed but do not shake. Apply sparingly, brush out well using a good quality brush, following the direction of the grain. Apply the first coat and allow to dry.

Clear varnish – apply a second coat.
Coloured varnish – for a deeper shade apply a second coat. If the shade required is correct after the first coat, apply a coat of clear.

Caution- Always apply to a test area before starting work. Appearance may vary according to the colour and type of wood and the number of coats. Protect the finish from water and steam for five days after application.

Storage- Protect from extremes of temperature during storage and application.

Health, safety and the environment- Non-hazardous. Ensure good ventilation.
Keep out of reach of children.
Contact with eyes – wash immediately with warm water.
Remove excess from tools and mixing vessels before washing in warm soapy water.
Do not empty into drains or watercourses.

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