Polyvine Oil Colourant

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Polyvine’s Oil Colourant is a specialized solution designed to enhance the color saturation of various oil-based products, providing the ability to customize and transform their appearance. This colorant is formulated with concentrated and dense pigments, ensuring rich and vibrant color results. Available in a range of 7 colors, the Oil Colourant offers superior color saturation for glazes, paints, and varnishes, providing versatility for a variety of projects.

Polyvine Oil Colourant offers a straightforward and efficient method for customizing the color of your oil-based products. Whether you’re working on furniture restoration, interior design projects, or other creative endeavors, this colorant empowers you to achieve distinct and vibrant color results. Its concentrated pigments and diverse color range contribute to achieving the desired color effects with precision and consistency.

  • The Oil Colourant is specifically formulated to achieve exceptional color saturation when mixed with oil-based products, delivering intensified and vibrant colors.
  • This product serves as a transformative agent for oil-based products, including glazes, paints, and varnishes. It allows customization and personalization of color for various applications.
  •  The colorant contains concentrated pigments that ensure a robust and even dispersion of color throughout the product being mixed.
  • Available in 7 concentrated colors, the Oil Colourant offers a diverse selection of options to suit your specific color preferences and project needs.
  •  The Oil Colourant can be used with a wide range of oil-based products, ranging from scumble glazes and stains to varnishes and interior alkyd paints. This adaptability makes it suitable for different types of projects.
  •  To achieve the desired color intensity without overpowering the base product, the recommended mixing ratio is 10% of the oil colourant to the oil-based product you’re using.
  •  The Oil Colourant is available in dark oak, light oak, medium oak, mahogany, pine, teak, and walnut colors, providing ample options to match your project requirements.


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