Polyvine Oil-Base Scumble

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Polyvine Oil-Based Scumble offers a traditional and transparent oil glaze designed for achieving decorative paint effects. This product is particularly useful for projects that require an extended drying time to manipulate and create unique visual effects.

Polyvine Oil-Based Scumble offers a versatile solution for achieving decorative paint effects with traditional oil glazing techniques. Its extended drying time allows for creative experimentation and the creation of intricate designs. The option to tint the glaze and use various techniques opens up a wide range of possibilities for customization and creativity. Whether you’re working on furniture, walls, or other surfaces, this product empowers you to achieve captivating decorative effects that enhance the visual appeal of your projects.

  • This product is formulated as a traditional oil glaze, which provides a classic approach to achieving decorative paint effects.
  • The extended drying time of the Oil-Based Scumble allows for more flexibility in creating decorative effects. This extra time is especially valuable when working on complex or intricate designs.
  • Once dried, the Oil-Based Scumble produces a translucent gloss finish on a variety of surfaces. This finish enhances the decorative effects and adds visual depth.
  • The glaze can be tinted with various coloring agents, including Polyvine Woodgrain Oil Colourant, most oil-based paints, or universal stainers. This allows you to customize the color and achieve the desired aesthetic.
  • To achieve the desired decorative effect, brush the colored Scumble over the base coat and then manipulate the surface using techniques like crumpled rags, bags, sponges, or specialized tools and brushes from Polyvine. These methods break the surface and create the visual texture you’re aiming for.
  • Once the glaze is completely dry, it can be sealed with a coat of Polyvine Extra Pale Varnish. This step helps preserve the final effect and adds an additional protective layer.
  • Apply acrylic eggshell or alkyd undercoat in a colour suitable to create the desired effect and allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • It is recommended that the scumble is thinned with white spirit to ensure it’s applied in a relatively thin film.
  • The appropriate viscosity will depend on the technique to be used.
  • Colour your Scumble with Polyvine Woodgrain Oil Colourant, most oil based paints, or universal stainers.
  • The use of a little white paint will stabilise delicate colours.
  • Stir thoroughly.
  • Brush the coloured Scumble over the base coat.
  • Create the desired decorative effect by breaking the surface with a crumpled rag, bag, sponge or a Polyvine tool or brush.
  • When the glaze is completely dry, seal with a coat of Polyvine Extra Pale Varnish.

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