Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish

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Polyvine’s Heavy Duty Wood Varnish is a powerful solution designed to provide ultra-tough protection to interior wood surfaces, offering resistance against a range of elements including chemicals, cleaning agents, alcohol, oils, and high levels of wear. Available in both satin and dead flat finishes, this varnish is formulated to ensure that your wood surfaces remain protected and maintain their quality appearance over time.

  • The varnish is specifically developed to provide a high level of protection to interior wood surfaces. It acts as a barrier against chemicals, cleaning agents, alcohol, oils, and the wear and tear associated with regular use.
  •  This varnish comes in both satin and dead flat finishes, allowing you to choose the sheen level that aligns with your preferences and the style of your interior space.
  • The varnish is designed to dry quickly, which can be advantageous when you’re working on projects that require efficient application and drying times.
  • Once dried, the varnish forms a crystal-clear film, preserving the natural appearance of the wood while providing the protective layer.
  • The Heavy Duty Wood Varnish is particularly well-suited for interior surfaces that experience a high degree of wear and tear, such as work surfaces and frequently used furniture pieces.
  • The varnish is ultra-hard and high-quality, contributing to a superior finish that withstands the challenges of daily use.
  • The varnish’s reliability and ability to provide a long-lasting finish make it a preferred choice among decorators who seek quality and durability in their projects.
  • This varnish is part of Polyvine’s Heavy Duty varnish range, which is known for offering the highest level of protection among single-pack varnishes.



Recommended For Use On- Doors, wooden worktops, tabletops, furniture, kitchen cabinets, wood panelling

Drying Time- 30-60 minutes

Recoat Time- 1-2 hours

Curing Time- 16 hours

Coverage- 10-20 square metres per litre

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