Polyvine Extra Pale Varnish

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Polyvine Extra Pale Varnish is an oil-based protective varnish that features a delicately pale color. This varnish is designed to provide excellent protection while minimizing yellowing over time, making it ideal for preserving the natural appearance of wood surfaces.

Polyvine Extra Pale Varnish is a reliable choice for those seeking to protect and enhance wood surfaces while maintaining a delicate and natural appearance. Whether you’re working on furniture, cabinetry, or other wooden items, this varnish offers the benefits of reduced yellowing and improved stain resistance, ensuring that your projects maintain their beauty over time. Its availability in different finishes provides flexibility to match your desired aesthetic and protection level.

  • The varnish is formulated to have an extremely pale color, allowing it to maintain the natural appearance of wood without adding significant coloration.
  • This varnish is specifically designed to minimize yellowing over time, helping to preserve the original color of the wood and maintaining its natural beauty.
  • Polyvine’s Extra Pale Varnish is a clear, traditional solvent-based varnish made from carefully selected resins and oils. This formulation ensures a durable and protective finish.
  • The varnish enhances and protects the natural grain of the wood, allowing its unique textures and patterns to shine through.
  • The Extra Pale Varnish is available in two finishes: dead flat and eggshell. This variety allows you to choose the level of sheen that best suits your project.
  • The varnish forms a durable and stain-resistant film, offering added protection against daily wear and tear.




Recommended For Use On- Hardwood and softwood doors, kitchen worktops and cabinets, bar tops, tabletops, counters, bookshelves, wood panelling, protection of oil-based glazing or broken colour work

Drying Time- 2 hours

Recoat Time- 6-8 hours

Curing Time- 24 hours in ideal conditions

Coverage- 15 square metres per litre

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