Polyvine Decorator’s Varnish

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Polyvine Decorators’ Varnish stands out as a best-selling product that both professional and amateur decorators favor for its exceptional finish and user-friendly qualities. This varnish is specifically designed to provide a superior, long-lasting finish that enhances and protects various decorative surfaces.

Polyvine Decorators’ Varnish is an essential tool for achieving professional-quality finishes and long-term protection on a variety of decorative surfaces. Its adaptability to different applications and its ability to address common issues such as scuffing and fading make it a reliable choice for decorators. Whether you’re working on paintwork, wallpaper, fabric, wood, or plasterwork, this varnish offers enhanced durability and visual appeal. The range of available finishes further ensures that you can achieve the desired aesthetic effect with precision.

  • This varnish is a go-to choice for both professional decorators and those with a passion for decorating projects. Its popularity stems from its ability to deliver outstanding results and its ease of use.
  • The Decorators’ Varnish is suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, including emulsion paint, wallpaper, fabric, wood, and plasterwork. It offers protection and enhancement for various decorative elements.
  • The varnish offers long-term protection against common issues such as finger marks, stains, scuffing, and color fading. This ensures that the surfaces it’s applied to maintain their appearance and integrity over time.
  • This varnish employs nanotechnology to provide protection to decorative surfaces. Its clear acrylic formulation makes it versatile for different applications.
  • The varnish’s UV blocking and absorption properties contribute to reducing the effects of ageing and deterioration on surfaces, helping to maintain their original look and quality.
  • The Decorators’ Varnish is available in three finishes: gloss for a shiny finish, satin for depth and a soft sheen, and dead flat for a completely shine-free surface. This variety allows you to select the level of sheen that suits your project.

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