Polyvine Decking and Fencing Oil

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Polyvine Exterior Wax Oil Coating is a specialized solution designed to protect and enhance the beauty of exterior timber surfaces. This concentrated, one-coat clear water repellent wax oil coating offers a range of benefits for externally exposed wood elements.

Polyvine Exterior Wax Oil Coating offers a comprehensive solution for protecting and enhancing the aesthetics of exterior timber surfaces. Whether you’re working on decking, fencing, garden sheds, or other outdoor projects, this coating provides the necessary protection against the elements while adding visual appeal. Its ability to maintain the wood’s finish and the option for colour customization make it a versatile and valuable tool for maintaining and beautifying outdoor timber.

  • The coating is formulated to simultaneously protect and enhance the appearance of exterior timber. It preserves the natural beauty of the wood while providing essential defense against outdoor elements.
  • This coating offers UV resistance, repels water droplets, and guards against moisture ingress. It helps prevent issues such as warping, swelling, cracking, and splitting that can result from exposure to the elements.
  • When applied, the coating produces a rich professional semi-gloss finish that accentuates the grain and texture of the wood. This enhances the visual appeal of the timber while providing protection.
  • The coating is ideal for a range of exterior timber applications, including decking, fences, garden sheds, and other outdoor structures. It’s suitable for both old and new timber, making it versatile for various projects.
  • The coating delivers a clear satin sheen that helps prevent discolouration and fading caused by sun exposure. It maintains the original finish of the wood.
  • The water-repellent nature of the coating ensures that it doesn’t blister or peel, contributing to its long-lasting performance.
  • You can further customize the coating by tinting it with an oil colourant from the Polyvine range. This allows you to achieve a plethora of colours by adding up to 5% of your chosen colour.


Ensure the product is well mixed. Apply a generous coat of Decking and Fencing Oil with a paint brush, roller or spray. After approximately 8 – 12 hours the first coat can be overcoated if required. The surface can then be used after 24 hours of drying. Do not apply below 5° C. Instructions in the technical data sheet must be followed.

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