Polyvine Acrylic Colourant


Polyvine’s Concentrated Acrylic Colourant stands out as a high-quality pigment designed to deliver exceptional color saturation. This specialized acrylic colourant is formulated to provide superior intensity of color, enhancing a wide range of water-based products for various applications.

Polyvine’s Concentrated Acrylic Colourant provides a means to personalize and enhance water-based projects with vibrant and rich colors. Whether you’re working on painting, crafting, or other creative endeavors, this product allows you to add depth, character, and visual impact to your work. Its compatibility with a variety of water-based materials and its efficient mixing ratio make it a versatile and indispensable tool for artists, decorators, and enthusiasts seeking to achieve vivid and precise results.


  • This acrylic colourant is engineered to offer superior colour saturation, allowing you to achieve vibrant and intense hues in your water-based projects.
  • The Concentrated Acrylic Colourant is versatile and can be used with a variety of water-based products. These include scumble glaze, stain, emulsion, varnish, interior paint, glue, filler, masonry paint, tile grout, and cement.
  • With its compatibility across a broad spectrum of water-based products, this colourant empowers you to customize the colors of various materials and achieve consistent, high-quality results.
  • To achieve your desired colour, you can mix just 10% of the acrylic colourant with the chosen water-based product. This efficient mixing ratio allows you to control the intensity of the color with precision.
  • Polyvine offers a selection of 25 concentrated colours to choose from. These include a variety of essential and unique shades that can enhance the visual impact of your projects.
  • The available colours encompass a wide range of options, from primary hues like yellow, blue, and red, to earthy tones like raw umber and burnt sienna, as well as wood-inspired shades like dark oak, mahogany, and teak.


Recommended Use- Stain, Emulsion, Varnish, Glue, Interior Paint, Filler, Masonry Paint, Tile Grout, Cement, Scumble Glaze

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