Oil Finish Application Set Tool

OSMO Oil Finish Application Set


Seamlessly manage the application, cleaning, and maintenance of wooden worktops, dining furniture, as well as corners and edges of wood flooring.

  • Professional Excellence: Designed for professionals and experienced users, our product transforms wood care into an efficient, precise process that delivers exceptional results.
  • User-Friendly Brilliance: Experience a tool that’s exceptionally user-friendly and easy to use. Embrace efficiency and effectiveness, all without unnecessary complexities.
  • Versatile Pads for Multi-Purpose Use: With white, red, and green pads available, our product offers a range of multi-purpose functionalities, empowering you to achieve refined control and precise application.
  • Hand Pad Holder: Sized at 85 x 135 mm, our hand pad holder comes with hook and loop fasteners, ensuring easy and secure use.
  • Oil Application Fleeces: Included are two application fleeces, measuring 95 x 155 mm each, enabling optimal oil finish application on smooth surfaces.
  • Roller Tray with Inserts: A roller tray with a ridged area measuring 22 x 20 cm offers a perfect surface for efficient application. Additionally, three disposable tray inserts make clean-up a breeze.


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