OSMO Hardener For Oil Stain 60ml

OSMO Hardener For Oil Stain 60ml


Say goodbye to long drying times. Our Quick-Drying Additive works its magic to accelerate the drying process of oil stains, giving you faster results.

Experience the swiftness of drying with our Quick-Drying Additive, designed to expedite the drying time of oil stains. Perfect for high traffic zones, especially in commercial and public spaces, this additive ensures efficiency without compromising on quality.

  • High Traffic Hero: Designed for areas with heavy footfall, our additive is ideal for high traffic zones that demand a quick turnaround time without sacrificing durability.
  • Commercial and Public Excellence: Elevate the appeal of commercial and public buildings with our additive. It’s tailored to meet the demands of spaces that require rapid transformation.


Introducing Osmo Hardener for Oil Stain, a game-changing additive that expedites the drying process of Osmo Oil Stain. With the simple addition of 60ml of the hardener to a 1L can of Oil Stain, followed by thorough stirring, you can slash the drying time from 12 hours down to just 4 hours.

  • Swift Drying, Maximum Convenience: By seamlessly blending 60ml of the hardener into a 1L can of Oil Stain and stirring thoroughly, you unlock a remarkable advancement in drying speed, cutting the wait time significantly.
  • Unchanged Surface Preparation: The application of Osmo Hardener for Oil Stain does not alter the surface preparation process for Osmo Oil Stain. Follow the standard procedures outlined in the product information for Osmo Oil Stain.
  • Optimal Results, Guaranteed: The outcome of your finished surface depends on various factors, including the wood’s condition. To ensure perfection, especially on unfamiliar surfaces, a trial application is recommended, making Osmo Hardener an adaptable solution for diverse projects.
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