OSMO Hand Pads and Holder

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For those who demand excellence, our solution is here: a versatile tool set designed to elevate your wooden surfaces. Introducing precision application and thorough cleaning, tailored for professional and seasoned users.

When your work demands perfection, embrace our precision-focused tools. Elevate your craft, revel in the refined control, and unveil a new era of professional excellence.

  • User-Friendly Mastery: Experience ease like never before with our user-friendly tools. Designed for efficiency, these tools cater to your expertise, making the process a breeze.
  • Multi-Purpose Pads: Choose from an array of white, red, and green pads to conquer various tasks. From woodwork to furniture maintenance, our pads stand ready for the challenge.
  • Control Refined, Application Precise: Our kit offers refined control that facilitates pinpoint application. No more guesswork – achieve the exact coverage you desire.
  • Professional Edge: Crafted with professional users in mind, our tools are optimized to meet the high standards of skilled craftsmen.

Included Tools:

  • Pad Holder (85 x 135mm): A versatile and ergonomic tool that complements your skills, enhancing the precision of your applications and cleaning routine.
  • Rectangle Super Pad (95 x 155mm): An essential companion for tasks that require a meticulous touch. This pad’s dimensions empower you to tackle a range of projects with confidence.
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