OSMO DPost Fix

OSMO Post Fix


Unveil a game-changing approach with our Easy Alternative Method, designed to redefine the way you tackle projects without the constraints of traditional concrete.

Experience the following benefits that elevate your efficiency and results:

  • Swift Setting: Rapidly achieve your desired results with our method that sets quickly, saving you valuable time.
  • Simplicity in Application: Say goodbye to complex processes. Our alternative method is remarkably user-friendly, making application a breeze.
  • Concrete-Free Ease: Bid farewell to the heavy burden of concrete handling. Our solution offers an innovative way to bypass concrete, simplifying your workload.
  • No Water Needed: Embrace convenience without the need for water. Our method eliminates the water requirement, enhancing your efficiency.
  • Resilient Impact: Enjoy projects that stand strong over time. Our solution boasts high impact strength, ensuring durability.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Seamlessly adhere to wood, vinyl, and metal posts. Our method’s versatility extends to various materials for adaptable use.
  • Protection from Elements: Safeguard your posts against the elements. Our waterproof solution prevents rot and ensures long-lasting quality.
  • Year-Round Applicability: Embrace the flexibility to work year-round. Our method is suitable for outdoor use in both summer and winter conditions.


For impeccable post installation, adhere to these essential guidelines, ensuring a sturdy foundation and lasting results:

  • Hole Size Alignment: Match the hole dimensions with the post size. The width of the hole should be twice the post dimension, while the hole depth should be 1/3 of the post’s height.
  • Standard Dimensions: For a 100 x 100 mm post, the standard hole diameter is 200 mm, aligning with the standard post hole auger size.
  • Polyurethane Component Care: Handle polyurethane components with care. Due to their moisture sensitivity, store them exclusively in sealed, closed bottles at all times.
  • Hole Width Caution: Exercise caution with hole width. It’s advised to avoid holes wider than 250 mm for optimal results.
  • Temperature Awareness: In hot weather, expect rapid reactions from OSMOUK Post Fix. Avoid over-mixing and prevent foam expansion inside the bottle.
  • Prevent Premature Expansion: Ensure that the foam does not begin expanding within the bottle. Preventing this safeguards its effectiveness.
  • Temperature Impact: Note that bottle temperature affects reactions. If below the recommended temperature, expansion and setting will take longer, producing less volume. Above recommended temperature, reactions are faster, with lower working time and higher volume, albeit weaker composite.

Follow these guidelines diligently to achieve precise, durable post installations with OSMOUK Post Fix. Optimal results await your meticulous approach.

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