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OSMO Concrete Oil – Interior only

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Osmo Concrete Oil is a clear, satin impregnation oil that offers unique benefits by combining the advantages of natural oils and waxes in one product.


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 Unlike conventional finishes, it does not form a film on the surface but penetrates into the material.

  • Water and dirt repellency: Osmo Concrete Oil impregnates the microporous surface, making it water-repellent. This helps to prevent water damage and keeps the surface clean by repelling dirt and dust.
  • Stain resistance: The impregnation with Osmo Concrete Oil creates a protective barrier that makes the surface resistant to stains. This is particularly beneficial for concrete and screed surfaces that are prone to staining.
  • Reduced dust: By treating the surface with Osmo Concrete Oil, the generation of dust resulting from screed and concrete surfaces is significantly reduced. This can contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Overall, Osmo Concrete Oil provides a durable and effective impregnation for concrete and screed surfaces. It enhances the natural appearance of the material while offering protection against water, dirt, and stains.


  1. Ensure the surface is absorbent, clean, dry, and frost-free.
  2. If there are existing sealants, use a suitable tile or stone sealant stripper to completely remove them. Consult the manufacturer of the sealant stripper for guidance on the appropriate products to use.
  3. Rinse the surface thoroughly after stripping the sealants.
  4. Allow the surface to dry for at least 7 days in well-ventilated, livable conditions. This drying time is also applicable to newly laid stone or absorbent tiles.
  5. For concrete slabs, ensure that the slab has completely dried, which may take several weeks depending on its thickness.
  6. It is highly recommended to perform a trial application before proceeding with the full application of Osmo Concrete Oil.
  7. Stir the Osmo Concrete Oil well before use.


  1. Use an Osmo Flat Brush, Floor Brush, Oil Finish Applicator Fleece (Hand Pad Holder), or Osmo Microfibre Roller.
  2. Apply the Osmo Concrete Oil very thinly and spread it well over the surface, working along the grain.
  3. Remove any excess wet product, such as pooling or streaks, using a pad or a lint-free cloth.
  4. For larger areas, excess oil can be removed with a rubber scraper and polished using a buffing machine with a white pad.
  5. It is important to ensure that the liquid oil is absorbed into the surface and that no oil is left on the surface.
  6. Allow the first coat to dry for 8-10 hours. Ensure good ventilation during the drying process.
  7. Apply a second coat of Osmo Concrete Oil, again very thinly, and remove any excess.
  8. When renovating surfaces that are already oiled, typically one coat on a cleaned surface is sufficient.

By following these instructions, you can effectively apply Osmo Concrete Oil to the surface, ensuring proper absorption and a high-quality finish.

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