Non Grain Raising Spirit Stain

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Fiddes NGR Wood Dyes are a quick-drying and easy-to-apply option for adding exceptional depth of color to all interior wood surfaces. These spirit-based wood dyes are formulated to provide a non-grain raising effect, ensuring a smooth finish. With a comprehensive selection of colors and shades, the Fiddes NGR range offers total flexibility to suit your individual decorative style.

These wood dyes can also be mixed with Fiddes Shellac Polish or Cellulose Lacquers, allowing you to add further color between coats and enhance the overall appearance of your woodwork.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a vibrant and bold look or a subtle and nuanced finish, Fiddes NGR Wood Dyes provide the versatility and quality you need to bring out the best in your interior wood surfaces.


Dry Time: Allow 30-40 minutes for the dye to dry at room temperature.

Coverage: The dye will cover approximately 14 square meters per liter, depending on the substrate and application method.

Coats: Apply a single coat initially. Further coats can be applied to deepen the color or shade as desired.

Thinners: You can use NGR Thinners or Methylated Spirits as thinning agents for the dye.

Recommended for Use On: Fiddes NGR Wood Dyes are suitable for application on fine furniture, doors, floors, cabinet work, and paneling.

Preparation: Start by sanding the wooden substrate using progressively finer sandpaper, from a medium (120 grit) to a medium/fine grade (180-220 grit), following the direction of the grain. Remove any blemishes and glue residue, and ensure the surface is free from sanding dust. It’s also important to test the chosen Fiddes Wood Dye on a similar substrate to verify the desired color or shade.

Application: Use a clean, lint-free cotton cloth or sponge to apply the dye, following the direction of the wood grain. Remove any excess stain immediately with a separate absorbent cloth, again following the grain pattern. Apply the dye evenly, exerting a degree of pressure to ensure uniform coverage. Allow the dye to dry between coats and avoid sanding between coats.

By following these instructions, you can achieve the desired color and enhance the appearance of your interior wood surfaces using Fiddes NGR Wood Dyes.

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