Fiddes Spirit/Oil Soluble Base Tints

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A range of Fiddes Base Tints offers a wide variety of light-fast liquid tints that can be mixed with all Fiddes spirit and oil-based wood dyes. These tints are highly concentrated, allowing for precise control and flexibility when it comes to color matching.

Even a small percentage of the Fiddes Base Tints is enough to alter the tone or shade of your chosen Fiddes Wood Dye. This means you can achieve the exact color you desire by customizing and fine-tuning the dye mixture. The concentrated nature of the tints ensures that a little goes a long way, making them highly economical to use.

The Fiddes Base Tints are formulated using fine quality dyestuffs, ensuring excellent color quality and consistency. They are designed to mix seamlessly with Fiddes Shellac Polish and Fiddes Spray Lacquers, allowing for easy integration into your finishing process.

One of the key advantages of using Fiddes Base Tints is their excellent light-fast properties. This means that the colors you achieve will remain stable and resistant to fading even when exposed to prolonged sunlight or other sources of UV radiation. This ensures that your wood finishes maintain their vibrant and beautiful appearance over time.

With Fiddes Base Tints, you have the ability to create custom colors, match existing finishes, or simply add depth and richness to your wood dyes. The versatility and high concentration of these tints give you the freedom to experiment and achieve your desired results with precision and ease.

Dry Time: Fiddes Wood Dyes have a dry time of approximately 30 minutes at room temperature.

Coverage: They provide a coverage of approximately 16 square meters per liter, depending on the substrate and method of application.

Coats: One coat is recommended, but additional coats can be applied to deepen the color or shade.

Thinners: Fiddes Wood Dyes can be thinned using Cellulose Thinners, Methylated Spirits, or White Spirit.

Recommended for Use On: Fiddes Wood Dyes are ideal for use on fine furniture, doors, floors, cabinet work, and paneling.

Preparation: Sand the wooden substrate in stages, starting with a medium sandpaper (120 grit) and progressing to a medium/fine grade (180-220 grit). Always sand in the direction of the grain pattern if possible, ensuring the removal of any blemishes and glue residue before applying Fiddes Wood Dyes. It is important to remove all traces of sanding dust and test the chosen Fiddes Wood Dye on a similar substrate to verify the color and shade. Stir the contents well and always check the shade before application.

Application: Apply the wood dye using a clean, lint-free cotton cloth or sponge, following the direction of the wood grain as much as possible. Remove any excess stain immediately with a separate, clean absorbent cloth, again following the grain pattern. To achieve a uniform color, wipe the stain evenly, blending it over the entire surface area with a slight pressure when applying by hand. Allow the dye to dry, and there is no need to sand between coats. Applying additional coats will deepen the existing color or shade.

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