Fiddes Shellac Polish: Shellac Sealer

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Quick and easy to apply, Fiddes range of Shellac Sealer provide an excellent natural base for a choice of finishing options.

Dry Time- 20 – 30 Minutes

Coverage- 8 sqm per litre, depending on substrate and method of application

Thinners- Finishing Spirit / Methylated Spirits

Coats- Two coats on hardwood, maximum of three on softwood or more porous timber

Recommended for Use On- Fine Furniture, Doors, Floors, Cabinet Work and Panelling

Application- Sand the wood in stages, working with the grain where possible. Start with a medium grade sandpaper (120 Grit), and finish with a medium to fine grade (180 – 220 Grit).

Ensure all areas to be coated are free from grease and blemishes prior to application.

NB. Always finish with a coat of Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish or Mellow Wax Polish to                                     further protect and enhance the natural beauty of your wood.

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