Fiddes Shellac Polish: Garnet Polish

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Fiddes Garnet Polish offers a richer and darker appearance compared to our Button and Heavy French Polishes. This unique polish is formulated with a variety of flake shellac that imparts a distinctive depth of color, making it ideal for creating an authentic Jacobean finish, especially on oak wood.

The deep and warm tones of Garnet Polish provide a perfect base color for achieving the desired effect of a Jacobean finish. Its exceptional depth of color brings out the character and beauty of oak wood, capturing the essence of traditional Jacobean aesthetics.

With Fiddes’ dedication to blending the finest natural Shellac, Garnet Polish guarantees the highest quality and authenticity for your woodworking projects. Our expertise in French Polishes, refined over generations, ensures that our products deliver exceptional results for fine woodworking and antique restoration.

Choose Fiddes Garnet Polish to add depth and character to your wood surfaces, creating an authentic Jacobean finish that reflects the timeless beauty of oak wood. Trust in Fiddes’ reputation for excellence and craftsmanship to elevate your woodworking projects to new heights.



Dry Time: Fiddes Shellac Polishes have a quick drying time of approximately 20-30 minutes, allowing for efficient application and faster project completion.

Coverage: With a coverage rate of 8 square meters per liter, the actual coverage may vary depending on the substrate and the chosen method of application. Factors such as surface porosity and application technique can affect coverage.

Thinners: To achieve the desired consistency, we recommend using Finishing Spirit or Methylated Spirits as thinners for Fiddes Shellac Polishes. These thinners help in achieving the optimal application viscosity.

Coats: For hardwood surfaces, it is generally recommended to apply two coats of Fiddes Shellac Polishes. However, for softwood or more porous timber, it may be necessary to apply a maximum of three coats to achieve the desired level of coverage and finish.

Recommended for Use: Fiddes Shellac Polishes are specifically formulated for use on fine furniture, doors, floors, cabinet work, and panelling. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for various woodworking applications where a high-quality, professional finish is desired.

Application: Fiddes Shellac Polishes can be applied using either a brush or a rubber. Choose the application method that suits your preference and project requirements, ensuring even and thorough coverage.

Compatibility: Our Shellac Polishes are designed to work seamlessly with Fiddes’ complete range of Wood Stains, Dyes & Shellac Sealer. This compatibility ensures consistent and harmonious results when combining different Fiddes products, allowing you to achieve your desired aesthetic and protective finish.

Important Note: To provide enhanced protection and further enhance the natural beauty of your wood, we highly recommend finishing the application with a coat of Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish or Mellow Wax Polish. This final step adds an additional layer of protection while enriching the visual appeal of the wood.

Experience the exceptional quality and professional finish of Fiddes Shellac Polishes, combined with our recommended wax polishes, to create stunning results that highlight and preserve the natural beauty of your wood.

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