Fiddes Nitro Floor Stain Thinners

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Fiddes Nitro Oil Stain Diluent is specifically formulated to dilute Fiddes Nitro Oil Stains. It serves two purposes: altering the depth of color and cleaning applicators.

When you want to adjust the depth of color of your Fiddes Nitro Oil Stain, the Diluent allows you to achieve the desired shade by diluting the stain. By adding the Diluent to the stain, you can create lighter tones or adjust the intensity of the color to suit your preferences.

Additionally, the Diluent is effective for cleaning applicators used for applying Fiddes Nitro Oil Stains. After using the stain, you can use the Diluent to remove any residue from brushes or other applicators, ensuring they are clean and ready for future use.

The Fiddes Nitro Oil Stain Diluent is designed to work in conjunction with the Fiddes Nitro Oil Stains, providing versatility and ease of use in achieving the desired color and maintaining your application tools.

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