Fiddes Naptha Oil Stains

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Fiddes Naphtha Stains are oil-based wood dyes that are designed to provide excellent penetration and strong color on all interior wood surfaces. These stains have a slower drying time compared to conventional spirit-based wood dyes, allowing for greater flexibility in color matching and application, especially on larger surface areas. They are particularly well-suited for use under Fiddes Shellac Polish and are highly regarded by antique restorers and cabinet makers worldwide.

The comprehensive range of colors and shades available in the Fiddes Naphtha Stain collection provides complete flexibility, allowing you to create your own unique and personalized decorative style. Whether you’re looking to achieve a specific hue or create custom effects, the wide selection of colors ensures that you have the options you need for your woodworking projects.

Please note that when using Fiddes Naphtha Stains, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application, drying time, and any additional steps required for optimal results. Conducting a test on a similar wood surface is also recommended to ensure the desired color and effect before applying the stain to your project.


Sand the wooden substrate in stages, working with a medium sandpaper (120 grit), through to a medium / fine grade (180 –220 grit). Always sand in the direction of the grain pattern where possible, ensuring the removal of any blemishes and glue residue prior to application of Fiddes Wood Dyes. Take care to remove all traces of sanding dust and test the chosen Fiddes Wood Dye on a similar substrate to verify colour / shade.

Stir the contents well and always check the shade before application


Take a clean, lint free cotton cloth or sponge and apply in the direction of the wood grain where possible. Take care to remove any excess stain immediately with a separate, clean absorbent cloth, again following the direction of the grain pattern. To obtain a uniform colour, always wipe evenly, blending the stain over the whole surface area by exerting a degree of pressure when applying by hand. Leave to dry, and do not sand between coats. The application of additional coats will deepen the existing colour / shade.

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