Fiddes Naphtha Oil Stain Thinners

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Fiddes Naphtha Thinners are specifically designed to dilute Fiddes Naphtha Oil Stains.

  • Alter Depth of Color: You can use Naphtha Thinners to dilute the Naphtha Oil Stains, thereby reducing the intensity of the color. This allows you to achieve a lighter shade or customize the color to your preference.
  • Cleaning Applicators: Naphtha Thinners can also be used to clean the application tools, such as brushes or cloths, that you used to apply the Naphtha Oil Stains. It helps remove any residual stain from the applicators, ensuring they are clean and ready for future use.

When using Naphtha Thinners, follow the instructions provided by Fiddes for the appropriate amount to use and the mixing ratios with the Naphtha Oil Stains. Properly cleaning and maintaining your application tools will help ensure consistent and optimal results with your staining projects.

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