Fiddes Mutton Cloth


Mutton Cloth, also known as Stockinette, is a commonly used material for applying wood dyes and wax polish. Its high absorbency and durability make it the preferred choice for cleaning and applying various wood finishing solutions.


Mutton Cloth is specifically designed to absorb liquids effectively, allowing for smooth and even application of wood dyes and wax polish. Its soft texture prevents scratching or damaging the wood surface during application. The cloth’s ability to hold a significant amount of product reduces the need for frequent reapplication, making the process more efficient.

Fiddes offers a range of quality wipers, cloths, and wadding that are suitable for various wood polishing, buffing, and general application needs. Whether you’re applying wood dyes, wax polish, or other wood finishing products, Fiddes provides reliable options to ensure optimal results.

Mutton Cloth is available in rolls weighing 800 grams, providing ample supply for multiple applications. It is a versatile tool used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts for achieving a smooth and polished finish on wood surfaces.

When working with wood finishes, it’s important to choose high-quality materials like Mutton Cloth to ensure proper application and optimal results. Fiddes’ selection of wipers, cloths, and wadding provides the necessary tools for achieving professional-level wood finishing outcomes.

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