Fiddes Wood Reviver Gel


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A water-based, odourless, and biodegradable Fiddes Wood Reviver Gel is the perfect solution for restoring the natural color of all types of grey, weathered, and UV damaged wood. This powerful and fast-acting thixotropic Gel is designed for easy application on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, making it highly versatile.

Whether you’re working on rough sawn or smooth outdoor furniture, decking, joinery, fences, window frames, or sheds, our Gel is specifically formulated to deliver excellent results. It effectively penetrates the wood, rejuvenating its appearance and bringing back its original color.

To make the restoration process even more convenient, our Gel comes with a scrubbing brush, allowing you to easily apply and work the product into the wood. This ensures thorough coverage and maximum effectiveness.

With our Gel, you can revitalize your weathered wood surfaces and bring them back to life. Enjoy the convenience of a water-based formula that is both eco-friendly and odorless, making it a safe and pleasant option for your restoration projects.


Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from any previous finish. Remove any fungal growth, dirt or moss on old wood prior to application. Do not pressure wash.
Avoid contact with any decorative stone and metallic components, particularly aluminium, zinc, copper and lead.
Plants should also be covered for protection against splashes both during application and rinsing off. Keep pets away from all treated surfaces until rinsed and dry


Apply in warm conditions, wearing protective goggles, gloves and clothing.
Always test on a small area prior to initial application


A single application will approximately cover 10 square meters per litre, depending on density of substrate

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