Cup Brush Metal


Metal brush for use with Bona SupraFlex.

120 mm

Bona SupraFlex Metal Brush is a specialized brush designed for use with the Bona SupraFlex sanding machine.

It offers unique benefits for sanding and surface preparation:

  • Aggressive sanding: The metal brush features stiff bristles made of metal, allowing it to provide aggressive sanding action. It is particularly effective in removing tough coatings, residues, and imperfections from wood surfaces.
  • Surface preparation: The metal brush is ideal for surface preparation tasks, such as cleaning and texturing wood before applying finishes or stains. It helps to open up the wood grain, creating a more receptive surface for subsequent treatments.
  • Compatibility with Bona SupraFlex: The metal brush is specifically designed to be used with the Bona SupraFlex sanding machine. It easily attaches to the machine, ensuring a secure and efficient sanding process.

When using the Bona SupraFlex Metal Brush, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines. The brush’s aggressive nature requires proper handling and caution to avoid damage to the wood surface or injury to the user.

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