Ciranova Reactive Stain

Ciranova Reactive Stain

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A water-based, reactive ageing stain based on natural and reactive dyes. Ciranova Reactive Stain is particularly suitable for ageing wood types containing tannin, such as oak and pine.

REACTIVE waterbased ageing STAIN based on natural and reactive dyes. Reactive stains are specially designed for the ageing of wood containing tannin such as oak. Reactive stains react with the tannin in the wood and give the wood a unique aged finish.

  • Reacts with tannin in the wood
  • Unlimited options when finishing with coloured oil
  • Colours can be mixed with each other
  • Coverage: 10-15m²/ltr

Ciranova Reactive Stain must be finished with an oil or wax. Finishing with a water-based finish is possible with the correct know-how of managing colour bleed.


Preparation substrate: Prepare the wood according the rules of the art and remove the sanding dust carefully


-Stir before use and mix separate batches to ensure the color consistency.
-Do not work out of the container.
-Use foam brush, synthetic brush or sprayer and apply a generous coat around 50 – 60g/m²
-Even out out in the direction of the grain.

Preferably finish with an oil to protect the wood and the color. Alternatively a color locking primer can be used, often in combination with an extra matt topcoat (UV 680-007403 – HWO titan 650-008091) for a natural looking finish.

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