Bona Wood Floor Refresher


Gloss 1L

Bona Wood Floor Refresher is a convenient and effective solution for maintaining and protecting varnished wooden floors. This ready-to-use formula is specifically designed to revive scratched and dull surfaces, restoring their natural beauty and luster.

Bona Wood Floor Refresher is a remarkable product designed to restore the shine and beauty of finished wood floors. Its specialized formula is specifically crafted to revitalize worn-out floors and bring them back to life. By using Bona Wood Floor Refresher, you can effectively enhance the sheen of your wood floors and make them look brand new.

One of the key advantages of Bona Wood Floor Refresher is that it contains no wax. This feature is important because it allows for future coats of finish to be applied on top of the refresher, providing long-lasting protection for your floors.

It is crucial to conduct a patch test on your floors before applying the refresher to ensure proper adhesion and achieve the desired results. Additionally, it is important to note that Bona Wood Floor Refresher should not be used on waxed or oiled floors.

By using Bona Wood Floor Refresher, you can easily restore the luster and charm of your wood floors while providing them with superior protection.

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