Bona Wood Floor Polish Remover


1 L

Bona Polish Remover is a highly effective solution designed to eliminate build-up from polish and other maintenance products on various types of water-resistant flooring. It is specifically suitable for use on surfaces such as varnished wood floors, tiles, PVC, and linoleum.


Bona Polish Remover offers key benefits that make it an effective solution for removing polish or heavy build-up on floors:

  • Removes polish or heavy build-up: This remover is specifically formulated to eliminate Bona Wood Floor Polish, Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Polish, and Bona Wood Floor Refresher. It effectively cuts through and removes stubborn layers of polish or other accumulated product residue.
  • Works on multiple floor types: Bona Polish Remover is suitable for use on various flooring surfaces, including wood, stone, tile, and laminate floors. It provides versatility, allowing you to use it on different types of floors within your home.

When using Bona Polish Remover, it is important to exercise caution when applying it to floors with open gaps. Saturation in these areas may potentially cause staining, so it’s advisable to use the product carefully and follow the instructions provided.

With Bona Polish Remover, you can effectively remove polish or heavy build-up from your floors, restoring their original appearance and preparing them for subsequent treatments or maintenance.

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