Bona SuperCoat Roller (Lacquer)

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Quality roller with a polyester pile for correct application rate of lacquer.

The Bona SuperCoat Roller is a high-quality roller specifically designed for optimal lacquer application.

Here are the key benefits of using this roller:

  • Even distribution: The roller ensures an even distribution of the lacquer on the surface. This helps to achieve a consistent and smooth application, resulting in an even finish.
  • Low fiber loss: The roller is designed to minimize fiber loss during application. This ensures that no fibers are left behind in the lacquer, which could affect the final appearance.
  • Excellent finish: The roller’s performance helps to achieve an excellent finish on the surface. The even distribution and low fiber loss contribute to a professional-looking result.
  • Optimized for resilient products: The Bona SuperCoat Roller has been specifically optimized for use with Bona resilient color/lacquer products. This means that it is designed to work effectively with these types of products, ensuring optimal performance and results.

The Bona SuperCoat Roller is available in two sizes: 25 cm, and 38 cm. This allows you to choose the size that best suits your specific needs and the size of the area you are working on.

When using the roller, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for the specific lacquer product you are applying. This will ensure that you achieve the best possible results with the Bona SuperCoat Roller.


Technical data:

Pile type: Polyester
Pile length: 11mm
width: 25cm, 38 cm

No Data Sheet available for this product

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