Bona Scorpion


The Bona Scorpion is a lightweight drum sander that offers easy operation and several key benefits.

  • Compact yet effective: Despite its compact size, the Bona Scorpion is still highly effective at sanding wood floors. It is designed to provide efficient sanding results, making it a reliable choice for various sanding applications.
  • Forgiving sanding: The Scorpion is known for its forgiving sanding capabilities. It allows for smooth and even sanding, helping to achieve consistent results across the entire floor surface. This forgiving nature is beneficial, especially for users who may be less experienced in using drum sanders.
  • Lightweight – only 45 kg: Weighing only 45 kg, the Bona Scorpion is a lightweight drum sander. This makes it easy to transport and maneuver, reducing operator fatigue during extended sanding sessions. The lightweight design also contributes to its overall user-friendly nature.
  • Easy change of paper: The Scorpion is designed to facilitate easy and quick changes of sanding paper. This feature allows for seamless transitions between different sanding stages or the replacement of worn-out or damaged paper. It helps to streamline the sanding process and maximize productivity.

The Bona Scorpion combines functionality, reliability, safety, and simplicity, making it a practical choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its compact yet effective design, forgiving sanding capabilities, lightweight construction, and easy paper change feature contribute to its overall user-friendly experience.


Technical data:

Drum width: 200 mm

Sanding belt size: 200 x 480 mm

Motor power: 1,15 kW

Total weight: 45 kg

Drum revolutions: 3300 rpm



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