Bona Rich Tone


5 L

Bona Rich Tone is a pre-treatment product designed to create rich, dark brown color effects on oak floors. It is waterborne, odorless, and fast-drying, ensuring a convenient application process. With its ability to be combined with Bona Mix Colour and its compatibility with Bona Craft Oil and Bona Hard Wax Oil, it offers customization and flexibility in achieving the desired color effect and level of protection.

Key Benefits:

  • Rich, dark brown effect: Bona Rich Tone provides a rich, dark brown effect on oak floors. It creates a deep and luxurious coloration that resembles smoked oak, adding sophistication and depth to the wood surface.
  • Waterborne and odorless: The product is waterborne, making it environmentally friendly and easy to work with. Additionally, Bona Rich Tone is odorless, ensuring a more pleasant and comfortable application experience.
  • Fast drying: Bona Rich Tone has a fast drying time, allowing for efficient completion of projects. This helps to minimize waiting time and allows for subsequent treatments or coatings to be applied in a timely manner.
  • Safe and easy application: The product is designed for safe and easy application. It offers user-friendly characteristics, allowing for smooth and consistent application and ensuring a professional finish.

Additional Information:

  • Suitable for oak floors: Bona Rich Tone is specifically formulated as a pre-treatment for oak floors. Its formulation is tailored to enhance the natural beauty and characteristics of oak wood, providing optimal results.
  • Combination with Bona Mix Colour: Bona Rich Tone can be combined with up to 5% of Bona Mix Colour to change or further intensify the tone. This offers customization options, allowing for the creation of unique and personalized wood color effects.
  • Seal with Bona Craft Oil and/or Bona Hard Wax Oil: After applying Bona Rich Tone, it is recommended to seal the surface with either Bona Craft Oil or Bona Hard Wax Oil, depending on the desired color effect and level of protection required. These additional treatments enhance the color and provide necessary protection for long-lasting results.


Technical data:

Base: Alkaline solution
Category: Pre-treatment, 1-comp
Drying time: 1-2 h (between applications)
Application tools: Oil application sleeve
Coverage: 8-10 mý/lit and application


1. Using an oil application sleeve, apply one even layer of Bona Rich Tone in the direction of the wood (810 m2/litre (120100 g/m2). Overlap wetonwet.

2. If more intensity is desired or if the first application is uneven, it is possible to apply a second layer after 12 hours.

3. Allow the final application to dry for 510 hours

4. Gently sand the surface with a Bona Scrad Pad attached under a buffing machine (low rpm). Move the machine quickly and systematically.

5. Vacuum to remove dust.

6. Protect the surface by applying either Bona Craft Oil or Bona Hardwax Oil, see section “Treatment Schedule”. Allow drying overnight between each application.

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