Bona Quattro Disc


Dimension: Ø 407 mm
Size: 4 x 150 mm

The Bona Quattro Disc is a sanding tool specifically designed for intermediate and fine sanding purposes. It is equipped with four grinding plates, each measuring 150 mm in diameter.

The Quattro Disc offers the following features and benefits:

  • Reduces drum marks and scratches: The Bona Quattro Disc is highly effective in reducing and smoothing out drum marks and scratches on wood surfaces. It is designed to tackle imperfections left by previous sanding processes, providing a more even and consistent finish.
  • Increased grinding pressure: The four grinding plates of the Quattro Disc allow for increased grinding pressure during sanding. This enables more efficient material removal and helps to eliminate deeper imperfections, resulting in a smoother surface.
  • Maintains a smooth end-result: Despite its higher grinding pressure, the Bona Quattro Disc is designed to ensure a smooth and uniform end-result. It achieves effective sanding while minimizing the risk of creating new scratches or uneven areas on the wood surface.
  • Suitable for intermediate and fine sanding: This sanding tool is specifically designed for intermediate and fine sanding stages. It is well-suited for use after initial rough sanding with a drum sander or belt sander, helping to refine the surface and prepare it for subsequent finishing processes.

In summary, the Bona Quattro Disc is a four-plate disc designed for intermediate and fine sanding. It effectively reduces drum marks and scratches, thanks to its increased grinding pressure. The tool ensures a smooth and uniform end-result, making it ideal for achieving a refined surface before applying finishes.

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