Bona Power Scrubber


Bona PowerScrubber is a powerful and versatile cleaning machine that offers deep cleaning capabilities for a wide range of indoor surfaces and outdoor decks. Its compact design, ergonomic operation, and counter-rotating roller brushes make it a highly effective and convenient choice for professional cleaning tasks.

The Bona Edge Power Tank offers several key benefits:

  • Easy filling, assembly, and transport: The Power Tank is designed to be user-friendly and convenient to use. It is easy to fill with the desired liquid, assemble the components, and transport to the desired location. This ensures a hassle-free experience during the cleaning process.
  • Visible liquid level: The Power Tank features a visible liquid level indicator, allowing users to easily monitor the amount of liquid remaining in the tank. This helps to prevent running out of liquid during cleaning and allows for timely refilling when needed.
  • Easy handle separation: The Power Tank is designed with an easy handle separation feature, making it effortless to detach the handle from the tank. This facilitates storage and transportation, as the tank and handle can be separated and stored separately if needed.
  • Cable hanger: The Power Tank includes a cable hanger, which provides a convenient solution for organizing and securing the power cable during use. This helps to prevent tangling and tripping hazards, ensuring a safer and more organized cleaning process.


Technical Data:

Motor rating: Max 2700 W, Avg. 1900 W

Power supply: 220-240 V / 50 Hz

Machine weight: 34.5 kg

Scrubbing brush: 2 x 400 mm soft white nylon

Solution capacity: 10 L

Recovery tank capacity: 10 L

Dimension: 520 mm x 470 mm x 300 mm

Below recommendations are provided in good faith and based on our current experience with the machine but each floor and situation must be individually assessed
prior to use to ensure that the floor is in good enough condition to handle machine cleaning.

1. Vacuum floor to remove dust and loose grit.

2. Fill the solution tank with cleaning solution (diluted). Maximum 10 liters.

3. Connect the machine to an earthed 220-230 V power outlet.

4. Set the turning knob to medium pressure (handle must be in upright position to alter the turning knob).

5. While distributing detergent, move the machine forwards in a straight path.
The machine can be used in any direction of the wood, but if possible, follow the direction of the wood.
6. Return to your original position, following the same path. On lightly soiled surfaces you may skip distributing detergent on your return pass. On heavily soiled surfaces keep distributing detergent on both your forward and return pass.

7. Do not allow excess solution to pool or puddle on the floor. Immediately wipe off spills or areas where the machine has missed with a mop!

8. Continue cleaning in a new path until the whole floor has been cleaned.

If more power is needed, such as to remove heavily ingrained dirt or stubborn scuff marks, the turning knob can be switched to maximum pressure. Observe however that when running at maximum pressure it is crucial that the machine is kept in motion and never run with dry brushes! Risk of damage to floor.

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