Bona OxyPower Microfiber Deep Clean Pad


The Bona OxyPower Microfiber Deep Clean Pad with PowerLoop® technology is specifically designed to tackle heavy dirt build-up on your floors. It is recommended to use this pad in conjunction with Bona OxyPower Wood Floor Deep Cleaner for wood floors and Bona OxyPower Hard-Surface Floor Deep Cleaner for hard-surface floors for optimal results.

The Bona OxyPower Microfiber Deep Clean Pad offers several key benefits for effective and efficient cleaning:

  1. Patented PowerLoop® technology: The unique PowerLoop® technology provides extra scrubbing action to tackle stuck-on grime and tough dirt build-up. This innovative feature helps to break apart and loosen stubborn dirt, making it easier to remove during the cleaning process.
  2. Patented dual-zone microfiber: The pad is designed with dual-zone microfiber for a better clean. The dark blue outer fibers are specifically engineered to break up grime, while the light blue inner fibers trap and absorb dirt effectively. This dual-zone cleaning action ensures thorough cleaning performance.
  3. Sustainable design: Bona is committed to sustainability, and the OxyPower Microfiber Deep Clean Pad reflects this commitment. It is made with over 90% recycled material, contributing to a more eco-friendly approach to cleaning. Additionally, the pad is reusable up to 500 times, further reducing waste.
  4. Bacteria removal: The OxyPower Microfiber Deep Clean Pad is designed to remove 99% of bacteria, providing a hygienic cleaning experience for your floors. This is particularly important for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment.

By using the Bona OxyPower Microfiber Deep Clean Pad in combination with the Bona OxyPower Wood Floor Deep Cleaner and Bona OxyPower Hard-Surface Deep Cleaner, you can achieve the ultimate cleaning performance. The pad’s PowerLoop® technology, dual-zone microfiber, sustainable design, and bacteria-removing capabilities make it an excellent choice for deep cleaning your floors.

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