Bona Novia

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Bona Novia is a highly forgiving 1K waterborne lacquer designed for use on domestic wood floors. It is known as the number one choice for residential wood floors due to its exceptional performance and ease of use. The lacquer brings out the rich warm tones and natural beauty of the wood, enhancing its appearance.

One of the key features of Bona Novia is its good wear-resistance, which protects the wood floor from daily wear and tear. It is formulated to withstand scratches, scuffs, and other forms of damage, ensuring the longevity of the floor.

Additionally, Bona Novia has a non-yellowing formula, which means it will not change color or develop a yellowish tint over time. This helps to preserve the original color and beauty of the wood, keeping it looking pristine.

The lacquer offers forgiving application properties, making it easy to apply for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It spreads smoothly and evenly, reducing the risk of streaks or uneven coverage, and ensuring a consistent finish.

Another advantage of Bona Novia is that it can be applied with or without a primer, providing more flexibility in the finishing process. This simplifies the application and saves time and effort.

Key benefits:

  • Good wear-resistance: Bona Novia is designed to provide excellent wear-resistance, ensuring that the wood floor is protected against scratches, scuffs, and everyday wear. This helps to maintain the beauty and durability of the floor over time.
  • Non-yellowing: The lacquer has a non-yellowing formula, meaning it will not develop a yellowish tint as it ages. This preserves the natural color and appearance of the wood, keeping it looking fresh and vibrant.
  • Forgiving application: Bona Novia offers forgiving application properties, making it easy to apply even for those with less experience. It spreads smoothly and evenly, reducing the risk of streaks or uneven coverage.
  • No primer needed: Unlike some other lacquers, Bona Novia can be used with or without a primer. This simplifies the finishing process and allows for more flexibility in application.

1. Apply the lacquer using a Bona Roller. Roll with a smooth flowing motion alternately across and with the grain of the wood avoiding accumulations of product. Always maintain a “wet edge” to avoid overlaps.
2. Allow to dry before applying another layer of lacquer. Anticipate slightly longer drying time for each layer that is applied. If necessary make an intermediate sanding using a screen or the Bona Scrad System grit P150 (or finer) and remove dust before applying the final layer of lacquer. Note: If the previous layer of lacquer has been allowed more than 24 hours drying time then an intermediate sanding is always required.

The floor will take light foot traffic approximately 8 hours after the final application.
Allow the surface to dry for at least 1 week before covering with carpets or other floor
coverings, or loading with heavy objects. Also avoid damp mopping the floor during
this time.

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