Bona Mix & Fill Plus


5 L

Bona Mix & Fill Plus is a waterborne gap filler specifically developed for the filling of joints and cavities in wood floors. It has a high solids content, which means it has a high capacity for filling gaps effectively.


Key benefits:

  • High filling capacity: Bona Mix & Fill Plus has a high solids content, allowing it to effectively fill joints and cavities in wood floors. It has the ability to fill gaps up to 3 mm wide, providing a smooth and even surface.
  • Fast drying: The waterborne formula of Bona Mix & Fill Plus ensures fast drying times, allowing for efficient application and reducing the overall project time.
  • Anti-corrosive: This gap filler is formulated to be anti-corrosive, protecting the wood and preventing any potential damage or discoloration that may occur during the filling process.
  • Great sanding: Bona Mix & Fill Plus is designed to be easily sanded, providing a smooth and seamless finish. This allows for a professional-looking result after the application and sanding process.


1. Shake can thoroughly before use.
2. Mix the product in a container with fine and clean wood dust to a smooth consistency.

3. Apply the mixture across the whole floor using a stainless steel trowel and repeat the procedure if necessary.

4. When the surface is dry, sand off all excess Mix&Fill Plus with a belt and edge sander grit 100120.

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