Bona Mix Colour

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Key Benefits:

  • Intensifies color effects: The concentrated pigment paste is designed to intensify color effects in wood coatings. By adding the paste to products like Bona Nordic Tone or Bona Rich Tone, you can enhance and customize the color to achieve the desired intensity and shade.
  • Safe and easy application: The pigment paste offers a safe and easy application process. It is formulated for user-friendly use, allowing for smooth incorporation into compatible coatings without compromising the application experience.
  • Combine with waterborne systems: The pigment paste is compatible with waterborne systems, making it suitable for use with water-based coatings such as Bona Nordic Tone, Bona Rich Tone, Bona Traffic/Traffic HD, Novia, and Mix&Fill Plus. This compatibility ensures seamless integration and consistent results when combined with these coatings.

Additional Information:

  • Concentrated pigment paste: The pigment paste is concentrated, meaning a small amount can have a significant impact on the color of the coating. This allows for precise adjustments and customization of the color effect according to individual preferences.
  • Suitable for tweaking color: The pigment paste is particularly suitable for tweaking the color of coatings like Bona Nordic Tone and Bona Rich Tone. It provides the flexibility to fine-tune and achieve the desired color intensity or shade.
  • Light tint for lacquers: In addition to its use with Bona Nordic Tone and Bona Rich Tone, the pigment paste can also be added in small amounts to lacquers such as Bona Traffic/Traffic HD or Novia. This gives the floor a light tint, allowing for further customization and personalization.
  • Joint color optimization: The pigment paste can be added to Mix&Fill Plus to optimize the joint color when filling gaps between wood planks. This ensures a cohesive and harmonious appearance by matching the joint color to the overall floor color.

In summary, the concentrated pigment paste is a versatile product that intensifies color effects in wood coatings. It offers safe and easy application, allowing for precise adjustments and customization of the color. Compatible with waterborne systems, it can be used with coatings like Bona Nordic Tone, Bona Rich Tone, lacquers, and joint fillers to achieve desired color results and optimize the overall appearance of the wood floor.


Technical data:

Content: Concentrated pigment paste
Consumption: 250 ml for one 5 litre bottle(5%) of Bona Nordic Tone or Bona Rich Tone.

Addition to Bona Nordic Tone or Bona Rich Tone:

1. Shake the pigment bottle and add to Bona Nordic or Rich Tone, max 5%.
2. Shake the mixture carefully.

Note: After colouring, the surface should be sealed with an oil or hardwax oil.

Follow the instructions for Bona Nordic Tone or Bona Rich Tone for application.

Addition to Bona Traffic / Traffic HD / Traffic HD Raw / Novia:
1. Shake the pigment bottle and add the desired amount to the lacquer. For a light tint, the dose is typically between 0,05% 0,2%. Never exceed more than 5% pigment paste to the lacquer. If mixing several bottles, mix the entire quantity in one large container or use a sensitive weight scale to be precise in your dosage.

2. Shake the mixture carefully.

Applying tinted lacquer is challenging. Working with low concentrations of pigment and instead building the desired colour intensity with multiple coats is advantageous in terms of colour eveness compared to trying to achieve a strong colour in a single application. Application marks or uneven colouration due to uneven application or inappropriate dosing are not accepted as a product claim.

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