Bona Mega

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Bona Mega is a 1K waterborne lacquer that offers outstanding wear-resistance, excellent flow and leveling, reduced risk of side-bonding, and performs exceptionally well on rich wood surfaces. It meets strict environmental standards, making it a safe and reliable choice for various applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Great wear-resistance: Bona Mega provides excellent durability and wear resistance, making it ideal for heavy domestic and light commercial areas. It can withstand the rigors of everyday use and maintain its appearance for an extended period.
  • Excellent flow and leveling: The lacquer has excellent flow and leveling properties, ensuring a smooth and even application. This helps to achieve a professional finish without streaks or unevenness.
  • Reduced risk of side-bonding: Side-bonding refers to the adhesion of adjacent boards during the finishing process. Bona Mega minimizes this risk, allowing for individual board movement and reducing the chances of unsightly bonding between boards.
  • Great on rich wood: Bona Mega performs exceptionally well on rich wood surfaces, enhancing the natural beauty and depth of the wood grain. It provides a high-quality finish that accentuates the richness and character of the wood.

Additional Information:

  • A+: Bona Mega is classified as A+ according to French regulations, indicating very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This makes it a suitable choice for environments where indoor air quality is a concern.
  • EC1 compliant: Bona Mega meets the requirements of the EC1 standard, which sets limits for the emission of harmful substances. This compliance ensures a healthier indoor environment.
  • GREENGUARD certified: Bona Mega is GREENGUARD certified, meaning it has undergone rigorous testing and meets strict chemical emission limits. This certification confirms its suitability for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.
  • Widely popular: Bona Mega is widely recognized and preferred by professionals in the industry. Its reputation for high chemical resistance and performance has made it a popular choice for wood floor finishing projects.


Technical data:

Base: Polyurethane
Category: Waterborne 1-comp
Drying time: 2-3 hours between coats
Application tools: Bona Roller
Coverage: 8-10 sqm/lit and application

1. Apply the lacquer using a Bona Roller. Roll with a smooth flowing motion alternately across and with the grain of the wood avoiding accumulations of product. Always maintain a “wet edge” to avoid overlaps. Allow to dry before applying further layers of lacquer. Anticipate slightly longer drying time for each layer that is applied.

2. If necessary make an intermediate sanding using a screen or the Bona Scrad System grit P150 (or finer) and remove dust before applying the final layer of lacquer. Note: If the previous layer of lacquer has been allowed more than 24 hours drying time then an intermediate sanding is always required.

The floor will take light foot traffic approximately 8 hours after the final application. Allow the surface to dry for at least 1 week before covering with carpets or other floor coverings, or loading with heavy objects. Also avoid damp mopping the floor during this time.

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